Surveys - The Service Method


Outbound Call Center

General Survey Phone Script:

Behavioral Driver Definition
Greeting & Build Rapport Create a positive first impression
  • Brand Client
  • Identify yourself
  • Advise solution/product to solve prospects' needs.
“Hello, I am calling from (Brand Company) and I am calling to get your feedback regarding your experience. May I speak (customer name).”
Set Expectation This is a survey that helps (Company “) continuous improvement which will be a brief moment of your time.
Obtain Survey Answers General Survey Questions:
  • Were you satisfied with the work that was done?
  • Would you consider having the contractor to work for you in the future?
  • Would you refer the Company to a friend or relative? (product: Windows, Garage, Kitchen & Bath project
  • How can we improve your experience in the future?
Overcome Survey Objections
  • Attempt to overcome any objection.
  • Offers appropriate solutions.
  • Assumes the appointment,
Would you prefer to do the survey via email or text? Great! May I confirm your (email or phone number)?

Thank you! I have just sent it. Can you confirm that you received it?
Confirm and Cross-Sell
  • Ask if they will be doing any future projects?
  • If so, ask if they would like to set up an appointment for a quote.
Close Positively Thank you for taking the time today to speak with me today. We appreciate your business.

Submit Your Project Plan

Phone Scripts

Scripting points on how you want to be represented over the phone.

Phone numbers needed?

Confirm if you need a toll free number which can be setup in 24hours

Call Volume

Anticipated call volume.

Service Level

Target of percent of calls answered with in how many seconds?

System access needed?

IDs to access systems if needed along with training job aides.

Service Level

Target of percent of calls answered with in how many seconds?


Contacts to assist with any questions or concerns that come up. (Frontline Supervisor/Manager, IT ...)

Average handles times

Time in minutes/seconds of talk time and wrap up time.

Service Contract

NDA and Service Agreement review and signed.