Customer Service - The Service Method

Customer Service

Inbound Call Center

General Customer Service Phone Script

Behavioral Driver Definition
Greeting & Build Rapport Create a positive first impression
  • Brand Client
  • Identify yourself
  • Offer assistance
Thank you for calling _________________. My name is ____________. How may I be of assistance?
Basic Information
  • Obtain customer’s information
  • Locate order
  • Verify customer’s information
Obtain information: “I would be happy to take care of you. Whom do I have the pleasure of speaking? May I have your (phone number and or any qualifying information to confirm the caller.) so I can pull your (order, invoice, dealer)?
Identify Concern
  • Listen carefully to the reason for the phone call.
  • Restate the concern back to the caller to ensure that you understood the concern correctly.
  • Apologize for any inconvenience for error (if applicable).
  • Acknowledge the customer’s feelings (if applicable).
  • Inform customers that you would be happy to resolve the concern and or assist.
Listen carefully to respond to isolated concerns the caller wants to resolve. Restate to confirm “ If I understand you correctly” Apologize: “ I apologize for the inconvenience” Acknowledge feelings: “I can understand your frustration” Offer help: “ I will be happy to (help/resolve for ) you”

*Hold procedure: “It may take a few minutes for me to gather all the informationI need to address this. Do you mind holding or would you prefer that I call you back?” (if applicable).
Call Resolution
  • Evaluate all options that could address customer’s needs.
  • Present alternate choices.
  • Ask the customer to select the appropriate option.
  • Explain and implement any follow- up action to implement a solution.
  • Summarize the resolution and confirm the customer’s understanding.
  • Confirm the customer’s satisfaction.
  • Ask if the customer has any other concerns and or any else you may assist.
  • Thank the customer for their business.
Summarize: “ Please allow me to review the next steps…” Confirm satisfaction: “Will this resolve your concern.” Ask if there are other concerns: “is there anything else I can help you with today?” Thank the customer: “Thank you for calling (Brand Client). / Thank you for allowing me to help you today.”

Submit Your Project Plan

Phone Scripts

Scripting points on how you want to be represented over the phone.

Phone numbers needed?

Confirm if you need a toll free number which can be setup in 24hours

Call Volume

Anticipated call volume.

Service Level

Target of percent of calls answered with in how many seconds?

System access needed?

IDs to access systems if needed along with training job aides.

Service Level

Target of percent of calls answered with in how many seconds?


Contacts to assist with any questions or concerns that come up. (Frontline Supervisor/Manager, IT ...)

Average handles times

Time in minutes/seconds of talk time and wrap up time.

Service Contract

NDA and Service Agreement review and signed.