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We strive to make the experience simple “Easy to do Business.” We listen to ensure the customer is not repeating themselves and find a quick solution for them along with following up timely. Urgency in handling clients and prospects is crucial in representing your brand.

Let us focus on your customer needs whether it be billing, incomplete job, disatisfaction, handling escalations,making it right. A True One and done! Making a great first impression with our strong industry knowledge.

Customer Service inquiries to your business is also an opportunity to position sales. As we engage callers we will help identify customer concerns which can result in upselling or another sale.

Roll Out Plan:

The rollout plan is all contingent upon your business as we want to ensure a successful launch. Depending on what is discovered in training, configuration of API(s), use of your CRM needing user IDs, and hiring will all determine the roll out plan. Standard industry is a minimum of 30 to 90 days. We strive for a successful launch if it can be done in 2 weeks as long as we are representing your brand positively we will be able to move forward in being your service partner.

Submit Your Project Plan

Phone Scripts

Scripting points on how you want to be represented over the phone.

Phone numbers needed?

Confirm if you need a toll free number which can be setup in 24hours

Call Volume

Anticipated call volume.

Service Level

Target of percent of calls answered with in how many seconds?

System access needed?

IDs to access systems if needed along with training job aides.

Service Level

Target of percent of calls answered with in how many seconds?


Contacts to assist with any questions or concerns that come up. (Frontline Supervisor/Manager, IT ...)

Average handles times

Time in minutes/seconds of talk time and wrap up time.

Service Contract

NDA and Service Agreement review and signed.