Lead Process and Reporting - The Service Method

Lead Process and Reporting

Throughout our course of doing business, we have worked with many organizations which spent large sums of money for lead capture. What we found was, that very few of those company’s had a process in place for handling, generating and managing them. We found a common mix of manual sorting and inefficient sales communications which in many cases resulted in lost timing and lost sales and revenue.

Solutions and Best Practices

We will sit down with your departments and hash out what each department feels:

  • Is a qualified lead
  • Is a opportunity
  • Is a customer
  • Is an upsell or cross-sell opportunity
  • A retention opportunity

Review what is in place

As part of the commitment to change, the team will need to review and identify if all avenues of marketing to see if they are being fully utilized and with the budget in mind, work to fully utilize Inbound

Marketing and Demand Generation.

As part of the alignment process, your team will need to agree on tools that they will commit to using every day to capture and manage leads and customers.

Lead Management Process

With optimization in mind, we will work with your team to develop a lead management process. We will help them identify each step of the lead process and what that work flow should look like and who the responsible participants are for each step in the process. We will work together to update lead life-cycle stages, move leads to the CRM when the timing is right and trigger notifications using marketing automation workflows.

Lead Scoring & Reporting

Intelligence gathering, segmentation, scoring and nurturing are all part of getting the most out of your leads. With Marketing and Sales we will work to establish key criteria for lead segmentation and scoring. We will transfer and align leads to the Sales team with automated workflow and thresholds.

Lead Alignment

The goal is to make sure that every sales rep should following the alignment process to understand how to use the CRM and other lead intelligence tools to be able to quickly evaluate sales qualified leads and reach out to them quickly. After all, a cold lead will need to be worked harder to generate any kind of sale. With a iron-clad process in place, every lead can be worked immediately, and will have a much bigger chance of becoming a valid customer. That is the process of getting the most value out of your leads.


None of this will work, let alone improve, without closely monitoring the performance of every aspect of the lead generation and lead management process. Sales Account Reps, Consultants and Technologists need to use analytical tools to optimize each step in the process and make strategic decisions to improve results. Reports are shared with other teams and Management in order to make better budgeting and staffing decisions.

Let us work with your team to build a killer process which will lead to sustained growth and profitability for the company.

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